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Friday, September 28, 2012

Mr. Gay Hong Kong Final MR GAY HONG KONG FINAL

Category: Gay
Cost: HKD200 in advance* / HKD250 at the door includes 1 standard drink

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hawaii Layover Time Lapse

I had a week long layover in Hawaii last year. Bummer right? I didn't really set out to make a time lapse clip out of the "vacation", but it just sort of happened.
These are a few of the clips from the trip accompanied by some good music. I hope you enjoy!
Canon 5DmarkII
Mumford moco - Bangkok - Dusk to Dawn - Timelaspe - Bangkok - Dusk to Dawn - Timelaspe
Bangkok - Dusk to Dawn - Timelaspe
Several time-lapses I've shot in Bangkok in 2010/2011.

Song: Who am I - from the Movie Animatrix

Camera: Canon 7D
Lenses: Tokina 11-16, Canon 35,50,85mm
Editing and color correction: Final Cut Pro, Looks
Title: Shine-o-text

Monday, September 17, 2012

V Creative Agency - Articles: How Much Does it Takes to Be A Chinese VIP?

V Creative Agency - Articles: How Much Does it Takes to Be A Chinese VIP?: It comes as no surprise that to luxury brands, Chinese VIPs are those that spend the most. Reports on just how much vary. McKinsey reports that VIPs drop at least 150,000 renminbi a year on luxury goods. Accounts from real VIPs suggest that number is much higher. Wall Street Journal reporter Laurie Burkitt recently interviewed a young woman in Beijing who said she spent about 20,000 renminbi on luxury products every one or two months. “She also said that in order to become a VIP in some instances you need to spend at least that much. And at Hermes, you need to spend a whole lot more, buying about five or six limited edition bags per year,” Burkitt reported. And the fact that the VIPs keep spending mean that brands have worthwhile incentives. Few retailers publicly offer details about everything a VIP receives in an attempt to preserve the uniqueness of the experience for those paying for it. “They want this to be an exclusive, extravagant experience for a VIP to make them feel really special and provide some sort of impression on them so they will go home and tweet about it on Weibo, which is very similar to Twitter, and tell all their friends, so that other VIPs will go in and do just the same – buy a lot of products and go back and tell their friends,” said Burkitt.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nakadia :: Beatport

Nakadia :: Beatport


Nakadia - Asia's rising star of the global DJ community has played over 800 gigs across 54 countries and made herself a name as one of the very few globally successful females in electronic music. But still, due to her Thai origin she is still very much like a raw diamond that has yet to be discovered. Nakadia stands for highest quality music and her performances are filled with life, joy and excitement. This – in combination with the musical quality and her technical skills – is what makes Nakadia so popular with all who have witnessed her on stage. She celebrates her music rather than just playing records. Since the beginning of 2012 Nakadia is releasing music on a regular basis and her first tracks already made a big impact and boosting her career to the next level. The future looks very bright for this young Asian artist.


DJ Cleo P

dj-cleo-p Plerny Soraya Bangkok, Thailand She is now working on her debut single, and is already booked in Europe and Asia. Her passions only drive her to perfect her turntable skills. SHE IS Definitely A trend setter in her music for Asia. Check her out with 'Swagger Pary Rockin' Crew

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Travel Agent magazine's Eye on Asia roundtable | Travel Agent Central

Travel Agent magazine's Eye on Asia roundtable | Travel Agent Central

The Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing global destination – and the boom isn't expected to stop anytime soon. It’s no wonder Asia Pacific travel is on the rise, with travelers constantly searching for new cultural experiences and unconventional adventures.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gorgeous women at a luxury villa in Ibiza - Unravel Travel TV

Celebrity portrait photographer Bryan Adams has created some magic on the golden shores of Ibiza with the 28 finalists of the MARTINI Royale Casting, a search for the new female MARTINI® star.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 - Articles: Film-friendly Thailand a hub of foreign production shoots in Asia

5th Annual Sri Lanka Tourism Awards
Film-friendly Thailand a hub of foreign production shoots in Asia | Read More
Image via

BANGKOK, Thailand - Often times Thailand has been accused of over using the term "hub" in describing positioning of its burgeoning industrial growth. But now, thanks to pro-active marketing on the part of the Department of Tourism, Thailand Film Office (Thailand's Film Commission) the Kingdom is in the midst of a foreign production boom.
With the lure of high-production values, skilled crew, beautiful locations, and low costs, Bangkok is blossoming into an outsourcing hub for foreign filmmakers - it has become the center of foreign movie production in Southeast Asia.
For 2011, 606 foreign productions where produced from 46 different countries generating US$39.2 million. Countries as diverse as Chile (a documentary), Germany (8 documentaries, 4 ads, and 6 TV programs), and Nepal (1 feature), all used locations in various parts of the country.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

V Creative Agency - Articles: When It Comes to Luxury Spending, China Takes Gold

When It Comes to Luxury Spending, China Takes Gold

The Olympics may be long past, but the results have just been announced for one event that wasn’t even televised: luxury spending. The Chinese spent the most abroad on luxury purchases during the games, $255 per purchase on average. The United Arab Emirates, despite years of training, were outspent by the Chinese by 10 percent.

Q&A: Richard Branson's Tips for Saving the Planet : Condé Nast Traveler

2012 Visionaries
Q&A: Richard Branson's Tips for Saving the Planet

Richard Branson, one of our 2012 Visionaries, shares his travel survival tips, the trip that made the biggest difference in his life, and what we can all do save the planet—apart from buying tickets to leave it on Virgin Galactic. The Burberry Autumn/Winter 2011 Ad Campaign August edition

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Shot by Mario Testino, the August edition of the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2011 Ad Campaign stars Amber Anderson and Jake Cooper. Having looked at several Burberry ad campaigns now, I must say Burberry has one of the best model castings ever; credit to Mario Testino too.

V Creative Agency - Articles: Chinese Carmaker Takes Stake in Spyker, Plans For A 0,000 Luxury SUV


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Car and Driver reports that both Spyker and Youngman will also create a company called Spyker Phoenix to produce a line of luxury cars using the Phoenix technology and platform – a project Saab had been working on before the brand collapsed last year. These cars are expected to be manufactured in China.

While Spyker enters into these plans with Youngman, it is also suing Saab GM for $3 billion in relation to the brand’s demise. Spyker itself has little to bring to a new venture, and as Youngman has outsourced vehicle development to Lotus in the past, the experts are wondering just how this collaboration will work out.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dubai Party time By day they hide within an air-conditioned utopia removed from the blistering heat and humidity, but come nightfall Dubai emerges in grand style within a series of club hotspots that have transformed the once-complained about nightlife scene. Fashion revelers have two choices in town including Armani Prive that’s equal parts fashion and billionaire business crowd