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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

Incentive Travel - International - 5 Emerging Incentive Destinations - Incentive Magazine

Incentive Travel - International - 5 Emerging Incentive Destinations - Incentive Magazine

While many of the top incentive destinations for 2012 were tried-and-true locales such as Florida and the Caribbean, there was also growing interest in a number of more off-the-beaten-path places. Their common threads? Rich, complex cultural histories and strong  traditions, and a range of activities and attractions for incentive groups, especially those that have already been to traditionally popular incentive destinations. Many of these emerging incentive destinations, while popular with leisure travelers, are just now beginning to attract the interest of incentive groups. The more unexpected the destination, the better.

"Why are people doing incentive travel in the first place? It's to drive behavior and increase sales," says Kurt Paben, senior vice president, business loyalty, Aimia. "We look for destinations that have the ability to be highly motivational in nature so organizations can achieve the objective that they've set up and once they get there, they have a truly memorable experience." Incentive spoke to several influential incentive travel executives for their opinions on what the top five emerging  incentive destinations are for 2012.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Victoria's Secret 2012: Sexy Supermodel Beauty Look - Video | MODTV

Victoria's Secret 2012: Sexy Supermodel Beauty Look - Video | MODTV
Get the sexy supermodel beauty look of Victoria’s Secret 2012 and go backstage at the world’s biggest runway show with top models Barbara Palvin,  Doutzen KroesKarlie Kloss andCara Delevingne.
The beauty look of the Victoria’s Secret 2012 show is modern, fresh and very sexy.  The VS glam team, makeup artist Tom Pecheux and hair stylist Orlando Pita are two of the world’s hottest beauty pros and they are bringing more of a fashion edge to the show.  Orlando Pita piled on the extensions and gave the models sexy tousled waves using Victoria’s Secret Volume Mousse and a large barrel curling iron. As Orlando explained “ it’s going to be shiny with very luxurious waves and still have that glamour edge“.

Monday, November 12, 2012 - Articles: South Korea hoping to ride on Gangnam Style wave to lure more tourists - Articles: South Korea hoping to ride on Gangnam Style wave to lure more tourists:
Rapper Psy to boost South Korean tourism
South Korea hoping to ride on Gangnam Style wave to lure more tourists
Korean rapper Psy / Image via

SEOUL, Korea - South Korea is hoping to ride on the Gangnam Style wave to attract more visitors to the country next year.
The video by 34-year-old Korean rapper Psy has more than 620 million YouTube hits to date, making it the second most watched YouTube video of all time.
And with its huge popularity around the world, the head of the Korea Tourism Organisation said South Korea's tourism will start to see the benefits of this from next Spring. - Articles: Colorado, Washington future Marijuana Tourism - Articles: Colorado, Washington future Marijuana Tourism

Anyone 21 or older can legally posses Drugs in Colorado and Washington

Marijuana Tourism got two thumbs up in the U.S. elections earlier this month as the states of Washington and Colorado made selling, buying and using cannabis legal. Never mind the federal law prohibits any of that; the voters have spoken and opened the door for what could be promoted as Weed Weekends, Bong Backpacking and a variety of marijuana-related tourism options.

State government leaders were quick to put the brakes on a massive migration to either state, saying a lot of details still have to be worked out. Colorado's governor opposed the legalization vote but indicated after its passage that he didn't see marijuana tourism taking over the state and its iconic tourist attractions.

Saturday, November 10, 2012 - News: Why? It put Baldwin Hills on the culinary map - News: Why?It put Baldwin Hills on the culinary map

Baldwin Hills on the culinary map

Post & Beam

Courtesy Post & Beam

Why?It put Baldwin Hills on the culinary map.

With Chef Govind Armstrong (Spago, Wolfgang Puck Hollywood) running the show, that's certainly one reason to venture out to an unfamiliar part of the city. But there's more: "We're taking an approach that focuses on delivering fresh, well prepared food," says restaurateur Brad Johnson. How fresh is fresh? Try a garden on the premises. For brunch, there is much to be desired: Oro Blanco grapefruit brulée, deviled eggs with smoked catfish, smoked-salmon hash with poached eggs and even a shaved short-rib grilled cheese with red onion marmalade. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Competitiveness: 1,000s of jobs in Euro Zone likely with ASEAN explosive solar energy points IMS Research

Competitiveness: 1,000s of jobs in Euro Zone likely with ASEAN explosive solar energy points IMS Research

by thaiintelligentnews
Yingluck making some major moves on Thai solar energy adoption
  • By Pooky, Thai Intel's economics journalist
When Thaksin became Thailand's prime minister, as they say, "If was the worse of times and it was the best of times."
It was the worse of times, because IMF collapse of the Thai economy to wipe out bade debt, in the rationale that the bottom will be a base of a new growth phase-stubbornly, did not take place.
And it was also the best of times, because Thaksin, a billionaire businessman, understood business needs. So Thaksin, did mainly two things, went hunting for investments and injected funds to the grassroots, meaning the majority of the Thai people.
In effect, Thaksin created new demand and supply, together systematically, in a very effective manner.
Well, Euro Zone is in a mess pretty much like Thailand, when Thaksin came to power in Thailand. Off course, Thailand and ASEAN can not serve the Euro Zone as a market place to spur new investments in the zone indefinately.
But there is hope, that all the QEs, will lead to just enough investment in the real sector, and the engine of growth in regions such as ASEAN, will give the global economic leaders, time to sort out all the mess and implement some sound policies like Thaksin's policies.
Press release, November
IMS research found that although the region accounted for less than 1% of global installations in 2011, its share is forecast to increase by more than four times by 2016, In addition, annual installations are forecast to grow by 50% a year on average for the next five years and expected to exceed 1GW by 2015.
Jackie Chang, DIGITIMES [Friday 2 November 2012]
Total cumulative solar installations in Southeast Asia are forecast to reach almost 5GW by 2016, according to IMS Research. By conducting analysis on the solar markets in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines, the market research institute believes that the region will grow at 50% per year on average over the next five years, providing an attractive market for ailing suppliers in Europe. Installations have previously been dominated by Thailand, however, other regions are also forecast to quickly account for a significant share of the market.
In recent years, Thailand has accounted for the majority of installations in the region and will be the fifth-largest market in Asia in 2012 (after China, Japan, India and Australia). Rapid growth in Thailand has been driven by the attractive Adder incentive scheme which has resulted in several large ground-mount systems being completed. However, a new incentive scheme to promote smaller rooftop systems is expected in 2013. As a result, the market share of utility-scale systems in Thailand is forecast to fall by 25% by 2016.
The solar market in Southeast Asia is forecast to diversify significantly in the future. "Although the market is currently dominated by Thailand, a number of countries within the Southeast Asia region have huge potential for solar and offer significant opportunities to suppliers, and these will account for a growing share of the market in the future," commented Jessica Jin, PV market analyst at IMS Research. "Given its substantial and quickly growing need for electricity, the small amount of the population that currently have access to electricity, and its reliance on diesel generators on its thousands of islands, solar is a highly attractive solution for providing distributed electricity sources in Indonesia." IMS Research predicts that Indonesia will be the fastest growing market in the region installing close to 1GW of solar over the next four years, with off-grid systems set to account for a significant share of this.
IMS Research also found that although the region is home to some large manufacturing facilities for international solar cell and module manufacturers, these manufacturers do not hold a significant market share, and five of the largest solar module suppliers to the region were found to be China- or Japan-based manufacturers. In contrast, the majority of the largest system integrators were headquartered locally.