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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interview with a Social Critic - Kaewmala - Part II

Interview with a Social Critic - Kaewmala - Part II: Interview with a Social Critic - Kaewmala - Part II
Kanyakrit Vongkiatkajorn Jul 26, 2012

CityNews recently had the opportunity to interview Kaewmala, an outspoken Thai writer who first made headlines with her provocative book on Thai sexuality, Thai Sex Talk

Since then, Kaewmala has gone on to write about societal and political issues in Thailand, broaching such topics as Thailand’s failing education system, pop-culture scandals, and constitutional language. She regularly contributes to news website, as well as the English version of Prachathai. Self-described as “unapologetically liberal”, Kaewmala is perhaps one of the few Thai female critics writing cogently on Thai issues in English today – acting as a much-needed bridge for both Thais and English-speakers/readers to discuss Thailand’s many social hang-ups, both amusing and controversial.  
This three-part interview covers such topics as the construction of Thai culture, the role of expats in Thailand, and, of course, Kaewmala herself. Don’t forget to check out Kaewmala’s blog as well for a taste of her writing. 
Part II: “It takes power to change meanings…”
… on cultural adjustments, readership, and the construction of Thai culture.

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