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Monday, August 27, 2012

V Creative Agency - Articles: The New Chinese Tourist

The New Chinese Tourist - Click to Read
How US retail travel and tourism industry can attract chinese tourists
What will be the impact of the growing influx of Chinese inbound tourists in the U.S.?
To make things simple, the big winner will be the U.S. retail industry, far ahead of the hospitality industry, the transportation industry, and the entertainment industry. According to recent China Elite Focus statistics, the average Chinese leisure tourist in the U.S. may spend around $2,500 in air transportation and lodging and more than $7,000 in shopping at retail stores on U.S. soil. And we are talking about an average Chinese traveller from the Chinese upper-middle class, not a high-net-worth individual, who will easily spend $100,000 in shopping for himself and his family and friends.

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